Qhands was born from the desire to create a distinctive product, that combines the essence of precious wood with modern design


A part of our raw material comes from fallen or endangered trees to which we give a second life

we process

In Qhands all recuperating, cutting, drying, designing and building is done by us solely, all of this takes work and effort in order to create high quality, beautiful furniture from wood in its natural form.


All our Qhands products are handmade.
Our designs are inspired by wood’s natural characteristics; its colours and shapes lead us to them.
Its knots and cracks, variations and "imperfections" are what others might want to discard and what we feel honoured to work with and inspired by. This is what makes Qhand pieces so unique.


When you purchase a Qhands piece, you are opting for sustainable product.
We work with recovered precious wood or certified wood from sustainable forests.